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  • Beginning Motion Picture Production
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This course provides an introduction to the basic theory, terminology, and practice of motion picture production as applied in feature films, and films made for television and internet through developed skill sets, and teamwork in pre-production, production, and post-production processes.




Must include but not limited to the following:

  • Pre-production processes such as screenwriting basics, scheduling, budgeting, script and scene breakdowns, call sheets
  • Production design including set design, costumes, hair and make up
  • Camera techniques such as including lens operation, interchangeable lenses, depth of field, basic filters, tripod use and composition within the frame
  • Lighting techniques and equipment
  • Audio including single and double-sound systems, mixing, and appropriate sound theory (i.e. balance, presence and perspective)
  • General concepts of acting and directing
  • Post-production theory (i.e. continuity and dynamic editing) plus basic operation of nonlinear editing
  • The roles on a film set, set etiquette, communication, and safety
  • Promotes content creation in relation to social justice, race/ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, and ability

  • participate in group and individual project work to learn the technical processes of narrative filmmaking
  • produce a short, narrative fictional film in a team demonstrating the processes and theories in the course content

  • Demonstrate correct application of basic pre-production, production principle cinematography, and post-production skills and techniques
  • Demonstrate proficiency in different roles on a film set
  • Demonstrate a hands-on ability to perform appropriate critical thinking and problem solving needed for successful teamwork in motion picture production

  • Project work in the technical aspects of motion picture production through the processes of pre-production, production and post-production
  • Short film where students work in a team and apply the skills learned to their individual roles on a production set

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Lancaster, Kurt. DSLR Cinema: Crafting the Film Look with Video. Focal Press

Long and Schenk. The Digital Filmmaking Handbook. Course Technology

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  • 2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab

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