C-ID Descriptors

The categories below reflect different stages in the finalization of C-ID Descriptor Documents. The descriptors are offered to encourage wider articulation and to expand the lower division curricular offerings, and thereby increase the variety and ensure the rigor of our many Community College courses.

A downloadable version of the C-ID TMC and Descriptor Development Policy is now available.

A downloadable document of the proposed descriptor review dates is available here.



These are the descriptors currently open for your comments. You will need to log in or register to comments on available draft descriptors in your discipline.


These descriptors are currently closed for comments but you can view the drafts. No login is required to view.


These descriptors have been finalized. No login is required to view.


The Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID) is initiating its 5-year review of all descriptors associated with the disciplines listed below. The purpose of reviewing the C-ID descriptors on a 5-year cycle is two-fold:

  • to ensure that descriptors are current and reflect changes in the field that would necessarily impact curriculum.
  • to provide an opportunity to revise elements of descriptors that were deemed problematic.

The 5-year review process has two phases. The first phase is a general "call for comment" period to determine whether or not changes are warranted and if so, what those changes should be. The information will be gathered and reviewed by the Faculty Discipline Review Group (FDRG) and used to guide the descriptor revision process. The second phase requires statewide faculty to review proposed changes to the descriptors based on feedback from the general call for comment. A summary document is included in the survey that provides detailed information on considerations made by the FDRG for the proposed changes. 

5 Year Descriptor Review: Summary Document