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  • Western Civilization I
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Survey of the development of western culture and civilization to the Reformation.


  1.  The scope and definition of western culture and civilization.
  2. The multicultural foundations of the ancient world and the interaction with Africa, Near East, Asia and the Mediterranean Sea.
  3. Ancient Near East – Paleolithic and Neolithic societies and development of civilization in Mesopotamia and Egypt.
  4. Greece—Early, Classical, and Hellenistic Societies.
  5. Rome—Rise of the republic and the transformation into empire; Rise of Christianity and its effect on the Roman world.
  6. Emergence of eastern and western Christendom and Islam.
  7. Early, central and later Middle Ages—tension between secular and spiritual authorities, emergence of the medieval church and interaction with the non-Christian world, i.e. crusades.
  8. Renaissance and Reformation--emergence of national monarchies, cultural innovations in Italy and northern Europe; religious reform.

At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to interpret primary and secondary sources and to compose an argument which uses them, as appropriate, for support.
  2. Analyze the concept of the West.
  3. Analyze changes in political, social, and economic organization in the western world and explain their historical significance.
  4. Explain the historical significance of major discoveries, inventions, and scientific achievements.
  5. Explain the historical significance in art, architecture, and literature.

Will include:

  1. Written essays and/or research projects.
  2. Essay exams. 

Can also include:

  1. Classroom discussions that include primary and secondary sources.
  2. Objective exams.
  3. Classroom projects and presentations.

Beatty, Heritage of Western Civilization
Coffin, Western Civilizations
Hause, Western Civilization
Hunt, The Making of the West
Kagan, Western Heritage
Kidner, Making Europe
Krishlansky, Civilization in the West
Noble, Western Civilization
Osborne, Civilization
Perry, Western Civilization
Sherman, Western Civilization
Spielvogel, Western Civilization

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