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  • Introduction to Hospitality Management
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Overview of structure and financial performances of hospitality industry; food and lodging, resorts, tourism enterprises, attractions and related operations. Focus on orientation to customer service, cultural/economic trends and career opportunities.



  1. History of Hospitality
  2. Travel and Tourism Industry
  3. Hospitality Careers
  4. Food Service Operations
  5. Restaurant Organization
  6. Hotel Operations
  7. Club Organization and Operation
  8. Meetings Industry, Conventions and Expositions
  9. Marketing and Selling
  10. Managing Marketing Communications
  11. Management Companies
  12. Franchising
  13. Ethics
  14. Floating Resorts: The Cruise Line Business
  15. Gaming and Casino Hotels
  16. Managing and Leading Hospitality Enterprises
  17. Recreation
  18. Managed Services
  19. Special Events Management


At the conclusion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Describe the relationship of human/social need for hospitality services.
  • Define the goals of various hospitality elements and related products and services.
  • Describe the service relationship in terms of psychological needs and social-psychological experiences.
  • Define the basic role of business in the field of hospitality.
  • Identify major challenges to the hospitality industry.
  • Describe opportunities for entry and advancement in the hospitality field.
  • Identify key qualities, philosophies, or experiences associated with success in the field.

May Include: Exams, Quizzes, Portfolio, Projects

Hospitality Today: An Introduction Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Lodging Association.; Angelo and Vladimir

Introduction to Hospitality, John R. Walker

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  • Universally required course.

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  • 1st:2/5-3/4/16, 2nd:11/23-12/16/16 3rd:1/6/17-