Introduction to Nutrition Science

  • Final
  • Nutrition/Dietetics
  • Introduction to Nutrition Science
  • 3.0
  • Scientific concepts of nutrition related to the function of nutrients in basic life processes and current health issues with emphasis on individual needs.

  • 110
  • None

  • Eligibility for C-ID ENGL 100

    1. Functions and sources of nutrients
    2. Scientific principles to analyze and evaluate nutrition information
    3. Dietary guidelines and current recommendations
    4. Digestion, absorption, and metabolism of nutrients
    5. Health, fitness, and disease

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  • At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

    Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

    1. Identify function and sources of nutrients
    2. Demonstrate basic knowledge of nutrient digestion, absorption and metabolism
    3. Apply dietary guidelines and current nutrition recommendations
    4. Scientifically analyze and evaluate nutrition information
    5. Relate nutrition to health, fitness and disease and
    6. Utilize a computer database to evaluate a personal diet record

  • Quizzes
    Dietary Analysi

    1. Sizer and Whitney, Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies. Cengage
    2. Whitney and Rolfes, Understanding Nutrition. Cengage
    3. Wardlaw, Contemporary Nutrition. McGraw Hill
    4. Dietary Analysis Program

  • March 31, 2014