Submission Information

  • Final
  • Spanish
  • May 30, 2012

Descriptor Details

  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers II
  • 230
  • 4.0

It continues to provide instruction that builds upon the existing reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and the cultural heritage and knowledge of these students. The course will continue to increase awareness of linguistic registers, discuss items beyond the familiar routine and expand upon their appreciation for Hispanic cultures as manifested in Spanish speaking countries and in the United States. This course is entirely conducted in Spanish.

Heritage Spanish I or equivalent



This course continues to expand upon all areas listed below.

  1. Culture
    1. Authentic texts in a variety of genres
    2. Current events
    3. Hispanic cultures – Topics may include: values and cultural mores, lifestyle, geography, art, history, literature
  2. Register
    1. Lexical variations
    2. Idiomatic expressions
    3. Vocabulary expansion
    4. Formal & informal
    5. Standard vs non-standard
    6. Situational discourse
  3. Grammar
    1. Moods
    2. Verb tenses
    3. Structure
    4. Syntax
    5. Punctuation
  4. Speaking
    1. Pronunciation
    2. Conversation
    3. Phonology
  5. Orthography
    1. Spelling
    2. Accents


At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. demonstrate improved application of grammar, orthography and register in writing and speaking;
  2. increase knowledge of Hispanic cultures;
  3. and adapt language to various more sophisticated settings and contexts.

May include, but are not limited to pre and post assessments, presentations, exams, portfolios, compositions, quizzes, tests, oral interviews, journals, dictation and research projects.

“Mundo 21,” “La lengua que heredamos,” “Manual de ortografía y gramática,” Modern Spanish Prose,” “Nuestro idioma, nuestra herencia” “Nuevos Mundos” and other supplemental materials.

  • December 19, 2016