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  • Final
  • Spanish
  • May 30, 2012

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  • Intermediate Spanish II
  • 210
  • 4.0

This course continues to expand upon culture and facilitate language acquisition through listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Students will interact with more sophisticated authentic language in context. Content continues to expand in order to express more complex ideas in order to express personal meaning and to apply different strategies and techniques to go beyond casual conversation and express opinions, make suggestions on familiar topics, as well as some abstract issues and plans.  Students demonstrate an increased awareness of cultural norms, values, and culturally relevant appropriate customs and events.  Accuracy becomes quite high for high frequency structures and vocabulary but more complex discourse is still developing and requires a somewhat sympathetic listener or reader.  Students will continue to demonstrate the ability to think critically by analyzing linguistic structures and reflecting on and making cross-cultural comparisons. This course should be taught in Spanish.

Intermediate Spanish I or equivalent



This course continues to expand upon all areas listed below.

  1. Culture
    Exploration of cultures of the Spanish speaking world including values, lifestyle, geography, art, history and literature
  2. Analysis of linguistic structures
  3. Review and refinement of grammatical concepts and structures introduced in Spanish 1 and 2
    1. Vocabulary expansion
    2. Formal versus informal
    3. Situational discourse
    4. Improved application of challenging grammatical concepts for non-native speakers of Spanish
  4. Speaking, listening, writing and reading at the intermediate level.


At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Speak, write, read and listen at the high-intermediate level;
  2. and compare and contrast cultural nuances of the Hispanic world.

May include, but are not limited to pre and post assessments, presentations, exams, portfolios, compositions, quizzes, tests, oral interviews, journals, dictation and research projects.

“Imagina,” “Pueblos,” “Adelante 3,” “Punto y aparte.”

  • December 19, 2016