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  • Music Theory IV
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This course incorporates the concepts from Music Theory III. Through guided composition and analysis, the course will include late Romantic, neo-Romantic, and Modernist harmonic and rhythmic structures and techniques. 

Music Theory III

Musicianship IV (corequisite) and appropriate level keyboard course

This course resides in a sequence, and elements of this course may appear in another course within the sequence.

Minimum topics: 

  1. enharmonic reinterpretation and modulation
  2. modes and synthetic scales
  3. Impressionist techniques
  4. pandiatonicism and polytonalism
  5. alternate contrapuntal techniques (Wagnerian)
  6. advanced approaches to meter and rhythm
  7. tone rows and serial techniques
  8. introduction to set theory

Objectives and Outcomes language based upon the above course content to be developed by individual programs within their local curriculum process.

Including but not limited to written exercises, examinations, and composition assignments.

The Musician’s Guide to Theory and Analysis, Clendinning, Marvin

Tonal Harmony, Kostka/Payne/Almen

Music in Theory and Practice, Benward/Saker

Theory for Today’s Musician, Turek

Harmony and Voice Leading, Aldwell/Schachter

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