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  • Juvenile Procedures
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This course is an examination of the origin, development, and organization of the Juvenile Justice System as it evolved in the American Justice System.  The course explores the theories that focuses on Juvenile Law, courts and processes, and the constitutional protections extended to juveniles administered in the American Justice System.


Eligibility for Engl 100 or ESL 100

History of the Juvenile Justice System

Measuring Juvenile Delinquency – UCR and /or victimization surveys

California Laws relating to Juvenile Delinquency and Dependency

Constitutional protections afforded to Juveniles through Judicial decisions.

Juvenile Court Procedures vs Adult Court Procedures

Juvenile Court Dispositions

At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

Critically analyze and describe the juvenile justice system and it context in the criminal justice system.

Apply California laws pertaining to juvenile delinquency and dependency to case studies.

Critically distinguish between delinquency, status offenses, and dependency.

Critically Analyze the distinctions between the adult and juvenile justice systems.

Critically evaluate Constitutional protections extended to juveniles thru judicial decisions.

Critically appraise the Juvenile Court  Dispositions.

Written exams and quizzes


Research projects

Writing Assignments

Juvenile Justice in America, Bartollas, 2014, 7th Ed.

The Juvenile Justice System, Dean Champion, et al, 2016, 8th Ed.

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