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  • Introduction to Sociology
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An introductory study of the basic concepts, theoretical approaches, and methods of sociology.  Topics typically include the analysis and explanation of social structure, group dynamics, socialization and the self, social stratification, culture and diversity, social change, and global dynamics.  Course objectives include the ability to apply sociological ideas to everyday life.

Eligibility for or concurrent enrollment in College Level English (C-ID ENGL 100)

  1. The Sociological Imagination
  2. The Historical Development of Sociology
  3. Major Sociological Perspectives
  4. Studying the Social World: an introduction to Research Methods
  5. Society and Culture
  6. Socialization
  7. Interaction, Groups and Organizations
  8. Deviance and Social Control
  9. Stratification: Class, Race, Ethnicity, Age, Sex and Gender
  10.  Social Institutions: Family, Education, Religion, Medicine, Economy/Work, Politics, Science and Technology
  11. Social Dynamics:  Population, Urbanization, Environment and Globalization
  12. Social Change


At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand and apply the sociological imagination to a variety of contemporary social phenomena.
  • Understand the historical development of Sociology as a discipline.
  • Distinguish between the use of various research methods.
  • Identify, compare and apply the primary sociological perspectives.
  • Explain and apply key sociological concepts.
  • Describe and explain the basic dimensions of social inequality and social change in historical and contemporary society.
  • Assess what social forces and organizational structures are most prominent in shaping, guiding and influencing individual and group behavior in contemporary society.

May include:

Objective exams
Written assignments
Application exercises
Research project
Field Journal
Oral Presentations
Reflection and discussion
Small group activities
Out-of-class activities

Henslin, James, Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach
Kimmel and Aronson, Sociology Now: The Essentials
Ballantine and Roberts, Our Social World: An Introduction to Sociology
Macionis, John, Sociology
Giddings, The Elements of Sociology
Kendall, Sociology in Our Times: The Essentials

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