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  • Forensics (Speech & Debate)
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  • Lab and Lecture (B)
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Preparation, including research and writing; practice; and participation in intercollegiate speech and debate tournaments and/or community events.



Prior or concurrent enrollment in Public Speaking, Oral Interpretation, or Argumentation

  1. Overview of forensics (debate formats; platform; limited preparation; oral interpretation; readers’ theater) and/or community events
  2. The application of theory and principles of communication to forensics and/or community events
  3. Information Competency as it pertains to the research, analysis and writing for at least one event
  4. Practicing advocacy and presentational skills for at least one event
  5. Participation in at least one competitive forensics and/or community event
  6. Ethics and etiquette for event participation

  1. The application of Information Competency as it pertains to preparing for event participation
  2. Practicing under the guidance of coaches and with peers in preparation for competitive forensics and/or community events
  3. Participation in competitive forensics and/or community events
  4. Post-event participation evaluation and self-reflection under the guidance of coaches and peers

At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Distinguish major types of competitive speeches.
  2. Employ the tools of Information Competency including but not limited to logical thinking, effective advocacy, cultural competency, appropriate use of forms of support, and critical deliberation for event preparation.
  3. Exhibit the ability to write for performance.
  4. Integrate coach, peer, and self-critique for the purpose of speech and delivery improvements.
  5. Increase speaking effectiveness and confidence by managing communication apprehension.
  6. Demonstrate improvement in delivery skills
  7. Foster personal growth as a result of the competitive forensics experience.

Class and laboratory participation.
Written assignments.
Participation in forensics tournaments and/or community events.

Martenay. Arguing Using Critical Thinking. (Latest edition.) LibreTexts. (OER).

The nature of this class allows for the use of a variety of materials identified by the instructor such as:  Current Event Publications, Sample Speeches, Instructor-Created Resources.

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  • The course is both lecture and lab.

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  • Speech, debate, communication, comms, forensics