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  • Introduction to Logic
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This course introduces some principles of valid reasoning with emphasis on deductive logic.  The course must include a study of formal techniques of sentential logic.  The course may also include a treatment of inductive reasoning, language, or fallacies.

Eligibility for College Composition (C-ID ENGL 100)

A substantial portion of the course must address each of the following:

Truth tables;
Natural deduction proof method in sentential logic.

May Also Include
Square of opposition
Venn diagrams
Syllogisms in categorical logic

At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

Demonstrate understanding of deductive reasoning and competence in some methods of formal logic.

Problem sets, quizzes and exams.

Patrick J. Hurley, A Concise Introduction to Logic
Irving M. Copi and Carl Cohen, Introduction to Logic

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