C-ID Descriptor
Introduction to Political Science

  • Final
  • Political Science
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • 3.0
  • An introduction to political science designed to familiarize students with basic political concepts, political ideologies, political systems, and subfields within political science.

  • 150
  • None

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    1. Political science as a field of study and scholarly community.
    2. Key concepts in political science, such as nations, states, power, institutions, and political behavior.
    3. Introduction to the methods of political science.
    4. Political theory and ideologies.
    5. Comparative politics, including types of governments, institutional arrangements, and political processes.
    6. International relations, including theories, actors, and levels of analysis.
    7. Professional and career opportunities for political science majors

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  • At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

    1. Explain the development of political science and its subfields.
    2. Identify the key concepts in political science.
    3. Evaluate and analyze normative and empirical approaches.
    4. Identify and analyze basic political systems and their differences.
    5. Analyze political behavior in international affairs.

  • May include as appropriate:

    In-class or take-home examinations
    Research papers or projects
    Written assignments
    Analytical papers
    Oral presentations
    Participation in class discussions and debates

  • Any college-level introduction to political science textbook including, but not limited to

    Danzinger. Understanding the Political World: A Comparative Introduction to Political Science

    Van Belle and Mash.  A Novel Approach to Politics: Introducing Political Science through Books, Movies, and Popular Culture

    Grigsby.  Analyzing Politics: An Introduction to Political Science

    Magstadt. Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institutions and Issues

    Roskin, Cord, Medeiros, and Jones.  Political Science: An Introduction

    Sell. Introduction to Politics. https://socialsci.libretexts.org/Bookshelves/Political_Science_and_Civics/Book%3A_An_Introduction_to_Politics_(Sell)

    Simon, Douglas W., Joseph Romance, and Neal Riemer. 2018. The Challenge of Politics: An Introduction to Political Science. CQ Press.

    Van Belle and Mash.  A Novel Approach to Politics: Introducing Political Science through Books, Movies, and Popular Culture

    Whitman Cobb, Wendy N. 2019. Political Science Today. SAGE Publications.

    May also include supplementary materials such as, but not limited to, primary sources, readers, etc.

  • May 23, 2012
  • May 12, 2022