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United States History from 1865

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  • United States History from 1865
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Historical survey of the United States from the end of the Civil War to the present.


  1. Reconstruction.
  2. Expansion, immigration, industrialization, and urbanization.
  3. Reform: Populism, Progressivism and others.
  4. Imperialist expansion and emergence of the United States as a world power.
  5. World War I
  6. 1920s
  7. The Great Depression and the New Deal
  8. World War II
  9. The Cold War
  10. Civil Rights Movement
  11. Vietnam War era
  12. The Conservative Turn
  13. Globalization
  14. Twenty first century and global change

At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to interpret primary and secondary sources and to compose an argument which uses them, as appropriate, for support.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of U.S. History through multiple analytical categories such as race, class, gender and ethnicity.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of America’s growth in a global context.
  4. Explain the major economic, technological and scientific developments and their historical significance.
  5. Analyze major political trends, attitudes, conflicts and events—including both mainstream and reform efforts—and explain their historical significance.
  6. Explain the major social and cultural developments, their causes and effects, and their historical significance.
  7. Analyze the relevancy of history in today’s world.

Will include:

  1. Written essays and/or research projects.
  2. Essay exams.

 Can also include:

  1. Classroom discussions that include primary and secondary sources.
  2. Objective exams.
  3. Classroom projects and presentations.

Berkin, Making America
Boydston, Making a Nation
Brinkley, The Unfinished Nation
Carnes, The American Nation
Davidson, Nation Of Nation
Divine. America Past and Present
Faragher. Out of Many: A History of the American People
Foner. Give Me Liberty!
Gillon, The American Experiment
Goldfield. The American Journey
Jones. Created Equal
Kennedy, The American Pageant
Maier. Inventing America
Martin. America and Its Peoples
Murrin. Liberty, Equality, Power
Nash. The American People
Norton,  A People and a Nation
Roark. The American Promise
Tindall. America: A Narrative History
Zinn. A People’s History of the United States

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